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Do You Ever... 

 Wonder what English majors do when they're not reading?

   Imagine what use you could make of a major in English?

      Wish you had a way to get some attention (and money) for an essay you've written?

         Long for a venue for your art work, writing, photography? 

 Click on the hyperlinks below to get some answers!


Student Accomplishments
This list is merely a sample of the opportunities available to English majors at The Ohio State University at Newark.

Ashley Caggiano participated in the English departmental review at the Columbus campus.

Katie Waldrop attended the summit on Sustainability and the Environment 2008. She is also the President of the Laurel Collegiate Society.

Jonathan Holmes is presenting a paper at this year's East Central Writing Centers Association Conference at Purdue University. He has also been awarded a Student Research Grant by The Ohio State University at Newark. And, he has been accepted to Ohio University as an M.A. candidate in Early Modern literature.

Terry Gomes participated in the English departmental review. He also gave a presentation at the Student Research Forum.