Recent Book about Trilobites:

Fabulous Fossils, 300 Years of Worldwide Research on Trilobites


St. John (2007) - The earliest trilobite research (Antiquity to the 1820s).

(pdf - 1.4 mb)


Kihm & St. John (2007) - Walch's trilobite research - a translation of his 1771 trilobite chapter. (pdf - 2.2 mb)


Published book review by Douglas Palmer in Geological Magazine 145(1): 157 (2008).


Another book review by Jack Kallmeyer in Dry Dredgers Bulletin (2007).


Table of contents



Short article (2008) by Eladio Liñán & Rodolfo Gozalo suggesting that trilobites are mentioned in Pliny's (70s A.D.) Natural History



Some information and illustrations from classic trilobite works are given below.


Wahlenberg (1818)



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