Geology of American National Parks



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National Park System map of America (pdf file; 1.7 Mb)



Grand Canyon National Park (northern Arizona)

    Photos from the textbook & JSJ

    Photos of the Grand Canyon (JSJ’s flickr pages)

      Grand Canyon of the Colorado River

      Colorado River

      Inner Gorge & Precambrian basement rocks

      Grand Canyon Supergroup (Precambrian)

      Tonto Group (Cambrian)

      Redwall Limestone & Supai Group (Miss. & Penn.)

      Kaibab Limestone to Coconino Sandstone (Permian)

    Photo galleries of the Grand Canyon (NPS)

    Grand Canyon stratigraphy

    Grand Canyon National Park website (NPS)



Zion National Park (southwestern Utah)

    Photos from the textbook & USGS & JSJ

    Photos of Zion National Park (JSJ’s flickr pages)

      Kolob Canyons (Finger Canyons of the Kolob)

      Zion Canyon

      Pine Creek Canyon

      Checkerboard Mesa & White Cliffs & Clear Creek Valley

      Virgin River Valley, just outside (SE) of Zion Nat’l. Park

    Photo gallery of Zion Canyon (NPS)

    Zion stratigraphy

    Zion National Park website (NPS)



Bryce Canyon National Park (southern Utah)

    Photos from the textbook & USGS & JSJ

    Photos of Bryce Canyon (JSJ’s flickr pages)

      Inspiration Point

      Bryce Point

      Sunset Point

      Farview Point

      Natural Bridge overlook

      Agua Canyon overlook

      Ponderosa Canyon overlook

      Black Birch Canyon overlook

      Rainbow Point

    Small photo gallery of Bryce Canyon (NPS)

    Bryce Canyon stratigraphy

    Bryce Canyon National Park website (NPS)



Cedar Breaks National Monument (southwestern Utah)

    Photos of Cedar Breaks (JSJ’s flickr pages)

      Point Supreme

      Sunset View

      North View



Capitol Reef National Park (southern Utah)

    Photos of Capitol Reef (JSJ’s flickr pages)

      Larb Hollow overlook

      Geology along Rt. 24 west of Panorama Point

      Panorama Point

      Goosenecks Point along Sulphur Creek

      Geology along Rt. 24 between Panorama Point & The Castle

      The Castle & vicinity

      Fremont Petroglyphs

      Fremont River

      Cliffs & geology around Rt. 24-Fremont River intersection

      Capitol Dome

      Hickman Natural Bridge

      Navajo SS cliffs in Fremont River Canyon east of Capitol Dome

      Fremont River Canyon through Waterpocket Fold

      Fremont River Canyon just west of abandoned meander

      Fremont River Canyon east of abandoned meander



Arches National Park (eastern Utah)

    Photos from the textbook & USGS

    Photos of Arches National Park (JSJ’s flickr pages)

      Natural arches

      Blind arches

      Balanced rocks

      Entrada Sandstone outcrops

      Navajo Sandstone outcrops

      Small erosional windows

      Faults in & just outside of Arches National Park

      La Sal Mountains, as seen from Arches Nat’l. Park

    Photo gallery of Arches (NPS)

    Arches stratigraphy

    Arches National Park website (NPS)



Great Sand Dunes National Park (southern Colorado)

    Photos from the textbook and JSJ

    Photos of Great Sand Dunes National Park (JSJ’s flickr pages)

      Great Sand Dunes

      Geologic origin of Great Sand Dunes

      Rio Grande Rift Valley

      Medano Creek (S side of Great Sand Dunes)

      Asymmetrically rippled sand

    Photo gallery of Great Sand Dunes (NPS)

    Great Sand Dunes National Park website (NPS)



Mammoth Cave National Park

    Photos & info. from JSJ

    Geology of Mammoth Cave (25 minute video by OSUN geology major Tabatha Beaver)

    Mammoth Cave National Park website (NPS)

    Ohio Caverns (for comparison purposes)



Carlsbad Caverns National Park

    Photos & info. from JSJ

    Carlsbad Caverns National Park website (NPS)



Dinosaur National Monument

    Photos from the USGS & JSJ

    Theropod dinosaurs photos & info. from JSJ

    Photos & info. about fossils in general (JSJ)

    Dinosaur National Monument website (NPS)



Petrified Forest National Park

    Painted Desert photos & info. from JSJ

    Agate Bridge photos & info. from JSJ

    Petrified Forest photos from the textbook & USGS & MESJ

    Petrified Forest National Park website (NPS)



Isle Royale National Park

    Isle Royale photos from the textbook

    Keweenaw Peninsula photos & info. from JSJ

    Isle Royale National Park website (NPS)



Glacier National Park

    Photos from the textbook & JSJ

    Glacier National Park website (NPS)



Mt. Rainier National Park

    Mt. Rainier photos from the textbook & USGS

    Mt. Rainier National Park website (NPS)



Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

    Mt. St. Helens photos

    Mt. St. Helens Nat’l Volc. Mon. website (U.S. Forest Service)



Crater Lake National Park

    Crater Lake photos

    Crater Lake National Park website (NPS)



Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

    Hawaii Volcanoes photos

    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park website (NPS)



Yellowstone National Park

    Yellowstone photos

    Yellowstone geysers & hot springs (JSJ)

    Video of Yellowstone hot springs & geysers (JSJ)

    Yellowstone National Park website (NPS)



Grand Teton National Park

    Grand Tetons photos

    Grand Teton National Park website (NPS)



Great Smoky Mountains National Park

    Great Smoky Mts. photos

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park website (NPS)




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