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JSJ at Crater Lake (= Mt. Mazama collapse caldera), with Wizard Island volcanic cone in the background (southwestern Oregon).


Geology courses I’m teaching in the future

Evaluation results for JSJ’s geology courses (1998-2013) (8 pp. long)

Geology courses currently offered at OSU-Newark

Geology courses currently offered at OSU-Columbus

Extracurricular field trips offered by James St. John

Geology videos in JSJ’s collection


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  Cool rocks & minerals 


  Cool fossils


  JSJ in the field                    Geology in the News


Geology of American National Parks


  Rocks & fossils in the field           Geology Links

    (new: Yellowstone geyser-hot spring videos “Part 9” to “Part 15”

       on Yellowstone Hotspot page in Wyoming geology section)


  Geology of Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

    (= video project by OSUN geology major Tabatha Beaver)


Licking County Rock & Mineral Society

(next meeting: annual picnic at Flint Ridge Park, 12 Noon, 28 June 2014)


   Common rocks                   Sediments


  Common minerals         Rocks of All Ages


  The most important info. that few people know


  Ohio geology & paleontology        Pretty stuff

    Vanport Flint (Flint Ridge Flint)

     Ohio Caverns


  Early Trilobite Studies      Published Book Reviews


  They look the same, but they’re not!


  Notes from interesting geology talks (58 talks posted)


  The Evolution-Creation Thing


  Science and Pseudoscience      


  What is Geology?


  Non-technical talks that I offer


  Majoring in Geology at Ohio State University


  Minoring in Geology at Ohio State University


  My VITA (current to the end of 2012)

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