Here’s a partial list of the geology-related talks that I can give for a general audience (undergraduate geology clubs, rock & mineral societies, etc.).  These talks typically have a duration somewhere between 40 and 60 minutes.


Please contact me some time if interested (“stjohn.2” at “”).



The Geology and Biology of the Bahamas


Weird Fossils & Fossil Oddities


The Geology of Decorative Stones


Understanding the Search for Affinities: the Earliest History of Trilobite Research (Antiquity to the 1820s)


Introduction to Meteorites and Impact Events


The Many Facets of Quartz


Geology & Ore Deposits of Butte, Montana


Gray Literature & Geology


Fossils & Fossilization


Unusual Names in Geology


Diving into Dinosaurology: Adventures in Museums & in the Field


Ohio’s Old Oceans: Shells, Skeletons & Sea Monsters


Impact Events, Impact Craters & Impact Rocks


Famous Fake Fossils




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