The OSUN Geology Club took a flint-collecting field trip to Flint Ridge, Ohio on Saturday, 30 October 2010.  They collected at the famous Nethers Flint Quarries at the eastern end of Flint Ridge.  Numerous pits have been dug that still produce abundant multicolored, complexly patterned chert/flint samples.  Crystal-lined cavities are common at this locality as well.


Locality: Nethers Flint Quarries, in the woods just west of the house at 3680 Flint Ridge Road, northwestern Hopewell Township, western Muskingum County, east-central Ohio, USA.


Stratigraphy & Age: Vanport Flint, Desmoinesian Series, upper Middle Pennsylvanian.


OSUN Geology Club at Nethers Flint Quarries, Flint Ridge, Ohio.



Collecting flint caught up in the root pan of a downed tree.



Collecting flint at one of the pits.



Pinstripe flint - this is the so-called "Nethers-type" flint, well known for having numerous, closely-spaced lines of coloration.



Chalcedony and megaquartz - the darkest material is the host rock (flint).  The grayish-glassy material is "rock-crystal" quartz.  The milky-white material is opaque chalcedony.



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