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To add your name/e-mail address to the geology club’s mailing list, or if you have any questions, please contact James St. John (“stjohn.2” at “osu.edu”).



Previous OSUN Geology Club Activities:

Mary Ellen St. John’s talk on Yellowstone geology

Field trip to Kelleys Island, western Lake Erie

John Hunter’s talk on fossil mammals & the K-T extinction

Brad Lepper’s talk on the Burning Tree Mastodon

Bob Malcuit’s talk about the origin of Earth’s Moon

Field trip to Black Hand Gorge & Flint Ridge, Ohio

Field trip to Ohio Caverns, western Ohio

Pyrite collecting field trip to Indianapolis, Indiana (with photos)

Fossil collecting field trip to sw Ohio and se Indiana (with photos)

Erik Klemetti’s talk about the spring 2010 Iceland volcanic eruption

Field trip to the Hocking Hills, southeastern Ohio (with photos)

Field trip to Flint Ridge, east-central Ohio (with photos)



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