Some Tertiary Rocks


Quipar-Jorquera Formation - 65 Ma Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary clay (K-T clay) from near Agost, Spain.




Chalcocite (left), covellite (left center), enargite (right center), and digenite (right) from latest Cretaceous to Early Paleocene (62-66 Ma) copper sulfide-rich hydrothermal veins at Butte, Montana, USA.




Bornite-chalcopyrite-pyrite hydrothermal mineralization (latest Cretaceous to Early Paleocene, 62-66 Ma) of Late Cretaceous-aged Butte Quartz Monzonite at Butte, Montana, USA.



Flagstaff Formation - oncolitic limestone from the Paleocene in the San Pitch Mountains, Utah, USA.



Fort Union Formation - clinker bed breccia from the Paleocene near Miles City, Montana, USA.



Attic-Cycladic Crystalline Complex - glaucophane metamorphite (blueschist) from the Late Cretaceous to Middle Eocene (78 to 42 Ma) of Siphnos Island, Aegean Sea.



Green River Formation - fossiliferous marlstone with fossil herring, Knightia eocaena from the Lower Eocene near Kemmerer, Wyoming, USA.



Amber Formation, Blue Earth Layer - amber (succinite resinite) with fossil fly (Lutetian Stage, lower Middle Eocene) from Yantarnyi, Kaliningrad, Russia.




Green River Formation - stromatolite from the Fort Laclede Bed of the Laney Member (left) & fossiliferous marlstone with Knightia and Mioplosus fish from the Eighteen Inch Bed of the Laney Member (center) from the Middle Eocene of southwestern Wyoming, USA.  Argillaceous lime mudstone with wading bird footprint from the Soldier Summit Fossil Track Horizon (right) from the Eocene at Soldier Summit, Utah, USA.



Zermatt-Saas Ophiolite - retrograde eclogite (metamorphosed during the Middle Eocene, 40-50 Ma) from near Zermatt, Switzerland.



Tororo Carbonatite Complex - magnesiocarbonatite (Middle Eocene, 40 Ma) from Tororo Rock, East African Rift Valley, Uganda.



Realgar (red) and calcite (whitish-gray) from the Getchell Mine, Nevada, USA.  Mineralization occurred during the late Middle Eocene (39 Ma).




Carlin Gold Deposits - auriferous, silicified siltstone/mudstone (left) & auriferous altered mudshale with contorted bedding (right) from the Comus Formation (Lower Ordovician) at Twin Creeks Mine (left) & Turquoise Ridge Mine in northern Nevada, USA.  Gold mineralization occurred during the late Middle Eocene (39 Ma).



North American Tektite Field - 35 Ma bediasite tektites from the Late Eocene Chesapeake Bay Impact event, eastern seaboard of USA.



Las Choyas Geode Deposit - ~35 Ma (near-latest Eocene) agate nodule hosted in Middle to Late Eocene-aged rhyolitic volcanic tuffs from Chihuahua State, Mexico.



Buckhorn Mine Gold Ore - gold-limonite rock (Tertiary-aged mineralization) from the Buckhorn Mine, Crystal Hill Mining District, Colorado, USA.



Apuan Marble Formation - finely-crystalline white marble, formed by Tertiary metamorphism of lowermost Jurassic limestones, from Carbonera Quarry, northern Italy.



Naxos Emery Deposit - corundite (a.k.a. emery rock) (bluish) in diasporite (dark green) from Naxos Island, Aegean Sea.  Metamorphism occurred during the Eocene (40-50 Ma) and Early Miocene (16-20 Ma).



Middle Park Lamproite - lamproite (early Early Oligocene, 33 Ma) from west of Lake Granby, Colorado, USA.



Cripple Creek Diatreme - 32 Ma (Early Oligocene) porphyritic phonolite from the Cripple Creek Gold Mining District, Colorado, USA.




Cripple Creek Diatreme - calaverite-fluorite vein (left) & gold after calaverite (center) & sylvanite (right) from the Early Oligocene (32 Ma) in the Cripple Creek Gold Mining District, Colorado, USA.




Rhodochrosite (red) from Early Oligocene (30-31 Ma) hydrothermal veins at the Sweet Home Mine, Colorado, USA.



Doupov Volcanic Complex - hyalite opal on porphyritic leucite tephrite (lowermost Oligocene to Lower Miocene) from the Doupov Mountains, Bohemia.



Climax Stock - molybdenite-quartz hydrothermal vein intruding porphyritic alkaline granite (Oligocene, 24-33 Ma) from the Climax Mine, Colorado, USA.




Gilsonite (uintaite) from asphaltite dikes emplaced during the Oligocene to Miocene (10-30 Ma) in northeastern Utah, USA.




Libyan Desert Glass - 28.5 Ma (mid-Oligocene) tektites (impact splash glasses) from the Libyan Desert of western Egypt.




Moqui Marble Concretions - subspherical ironstone-sandstone concretions (Late Oligocene, ~25 Ma) weathered from the Triassic- to Jurassic-aged Navajo Sandstone of southern Utah, USA.



Malenco Serpentinite - Oligocene-Miocene serpentinite (= Permian mantle peridotites metamorphosed during the Alpine Orogeny) from quarry near Val Malenco, Italian Alps.



Alumstone from the Marysvale area, Utah, USA, mineralized during the Early Miocene (21 Ma).



Ellendale Lamproite Field - Early Miocene (19-22 Ma) phlogopite-leucite lamproite from the Ellendale Center No. 5, Canning Basin, Western Australia.



Noonkanbah Lamproite Field - leucite lamproite (late Early Miocene, 18-20 Ma) from P Hill, West Kimberley Lamproite Province, Australia.



Smuggler Vein - gold-quartz hydrothermal vein (late Early Miocene, ~17 Ma) from the Smuggler-Union Consolidated Mine, Colorado, USA.



Kaiserstuhl Volcanic Complex - calciocarbonatitic lapillistone (late Early Miocene to early Middle Miocene, 14-18 Ma) from near Freiburg, Germany.



Columbia River Flood Basalt Group - ~15.5-17 Ma basalt from along Rt. 90, Washington State, USA.



Sleeper Rhyolite - Miocene auriferous brecciated quartz-adularia rhyolite (16.3-16.5 Ma rock & 14.3-15.8 Ma gold mineralization) from the Sleeper Mine of Nevada, USA.



Emperor Gold-Silver Telluride Deposit - tellurium-quartz-pyrite hydrothermal vein hosted in altered porphyritic shoshonite (Mba Volcanics, Miocene) from the Emperor Mine, Fiji Islands, Pacific Basin.



Moldavite tektite - ~14.5-14.8 Ma impact splash glass from the mid-Miocene-aged Ries Impact Crater tektite strewn field near Besednice, Bohemia.



Benitoite-neptunite-natrolite hydrothermal vein (late Middle Miocene, 12 Ma) intruding Jurassic- to Cretaceous-aged blueschist from the Dallas Gem Mine, California, USA.



Flor de los Andes Lapis Lazuli Deposit - gray fossiliferous limestone (Early Cretaceous) with metasomatic lazurite (blue) and pyrite (appear as dark gray spots, but are brassy gold when tilted) from the Flor de los Andes Mine, Chile.  Metasomatism occurred at 9-13 Ma (late Middle Miocene to Late Miocene).



Olinghouse Gold Deposit - gold-quartz hydrothermal vein (early Late Miocene, 10-11 Ma) intruding altered andesite from the Pyramid Sequence (Middle Miocene) at Olinghouse Mine, Nevada, USA.



Hegau Volcanic Province - olivine melilitite lapillistone (early Late Miocene, 10 Ma) from Howenegg, Germany.



Seriphos Skarn - Late Miocene (8-10 Ma) ilvaite-hedenbergite skarn from Seriphos Island, Aegean Sea.



Inner Carpathian Volcanic Belt - stibnite from the Miocene-Pliocene at Baia Sprie, Romania.



Verde Formation - evaporitic glauberite from the Miocene-Pliocene at Camp Verde Salt Mine, Arizona, USA.



Camp Rice Formation - alunite- & jarosite-cemented sandstone from the Pliocene at Picacho Mountain, New Mexico, USA.



Chapadmalal Impactite Horizon, Pampeano Formation - 3.3 Ma impactite from the mid-Pliocene of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.



Chasicó Impactite Horizon, Pampeano Formation - impactite from the late Cenozoic of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.



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