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Dr. Terry Higgins

OSU - Newark
Office: Founders 2081
Phone: (740)366-9358

Statement relative to Teaching and Learning


    Education T & L

         EDU T&L 669:     Understanding Phonics and its Role in Reading Instruction

         EDU T&L 702:     Early Childhood Language Arts

         EDU T&L 705:     Reading Methods for Early Childhood

         EDU T&L 739:     Evaluation and Instructional Decision-Making in Reading

         EDU T&L 828:     Trends and Issues in Teaching Reading in the Elementary School

         EDU T&L 840:     Writing in the Elementary School

         EDU T&L 926:     M.Ed. Capstone Seminar

         EDU T&L 928:     M.A. Capstone Seminar

    Education P&L

         EDU P&L 650:     History of Modern Education