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Sexual Assault 

Sexual Offenders are required to notify the Sheriff of the County in which they will reside in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code, Section 2950.04.  For a complete listing of offenders in Licking County please click here.

For your convenience, we have provided links to the sex offender pages of Sheriff's departments in neighboring counties.

Franklin County

Knox County

Coshocton County 

Fairfield County

Muskingum County

Delaware County

If you are sexually assaulted, consider the following:

  1. Contact the police, Campus Public Safety Office or Student Support Services. Campus personnel will help you communicate with the police.
  2. Contact a 24-hour assistance hotline in Newark, 800-544-1601 or 345-4357; Coshocton and Zanesville areas, 800-656-HOPE; Mount Vernon, 392-2828; and in Columbus, 267-7020.
  3. Get medical attention. Note: Do not shower or douche. Bring in clothes to the examination. This will help assure that evidence needed for prosecution is not destroyed.
  4. Contact a support person (friend, family member, faculty or staff member) to help with emotional support, transportation, etc.
  5. Emotional help is available through the Campus Personal Counselor (366-9464) and Family Health Center (in Newark, 800-544-1601). Additional agencies are listed in a Community Services brochure available at Student Support Services.
  6. Finally, upon request of the victim of an alleged sex offense, classes and/or campus living situations may be changed if campus officials can reasonably accommodate them.

These are the types of offenses that often go unreported. The bottom line is, if you are not sure whether or not to report a sexual offense or a crime has been committed, contact the Director of Student Support Services, Chief Safety Officer, a Campus Security Officer, or Site Coordinators for Mt. Vernon and Coshocton campuses. They will help you find out. They can contact the proper authorities and provide options to you. Just remember, unwanted touching, unprovoked verbal or non-verbal gestures regarding sex, race, ethnic origin, etc., will not be tolerated and are subject to the student judicial system, employee disciplinary procedures, or the criminal laws of Ohio.