Ferdinand Avila-Medina - Learning Skills Specialist 

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Learning Skills Specialist

The Learning Skills Specialist provides FREE programs and services designed to help students sharpen the skills necessary to succeed in college.  The Specialist provides learning and study skills assessments and student consultations on an individual or group basis.  These meetings provide opportunities for students to understand their individual learning styles and find learning strategies that will make them more efficient, effective learners.  The Specialist also conducts workshops and makes classroom presentations.

Learning Skills Services

The "job" of being a good college student requires many skills.  Besides the necessity for good reading, writing and calculating abilities, the successful student needs to learn how to take good notes (lecture and texts), manage his/her time, appropriately "read" a textbook, prepare for and take college-level exams, and much more.  A lot of what happens in the Learning Skills Specialist's office focuses on the development of these competencies.

Designing personal study strategies is the most frequently requested assistance.  In one-to-one consultations, the specialist helps the student assess his/her study strengths as a learner.  Based on these findings, strategies are selected or developed which will match the student's current course needs and time available.  These consultations are free to enrolled students.

Study Skills Workshops

Every semester, the Learning Skills Specialist offers free workshops covering a variety of topics. Understanding How Memory Works, Test Taking Tips, Time Management, and Learning Through Technology are a few of the most requested topics.

A series of on-demand learning workshops is also available via this link:

Student Lingo 24/7 learning Workshops

Faculty Referrals

Faculty frequently make student referrals to the Learning Skills Specialist.  Many referrals are made because students...

  • Perform poorly on tests or assignments
  • Complain about their abilities to take good notes
  • Say it is hard to understand the textbook
  • Say they cannot find enough time to study
  • Get anxious about exams
  • Say they read slowly
  • Generally struggle in class

Classroom Presentations

Faculty may request guest lectures from the Learning Skills Specialist.  Any number of reasons may prompt such a request including: preparing students with test-taking strategies for specific testing formats, building time management techniques for busy students, developing information-processing skills through an understanding of how the memory works, and teaching students how to write papers specific to an instructor's needs.  Each lecture is individually designed.

Contact Information:
Ferdinand Avila-Medina

The John L. & Christine Warner Library and Student Center, room 238
1179 University Drive
Newark, OH 43055
(740) 366-9247
(740) 261-6607 (TEXT/SMS)